Job Details

Full-time · $20 – $30 / hour

3545 Lone Star Circle Fort Worth, TX 76177

Job Description

GENERAL PURPOSE OF JOB: The General Manager is responsible for ensuring that the center is run according to the required Lone Star Kartpark standards. The Manager holds their Hourly Staff accountable, coaching and developing them to be ready for the next level.

• Assisting the owners in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, disciplining, and terminating
• Ensure that all track personnel perform their assigned duties safely, effectively and professionally
• Prepare track and karts prior to opening
• Instruct new customers on proper kart usage, race flag usage, and racing safety – Maintain an orderly and speedy flow of racers through race sessions
• Supervise ongoing races and enforce race policies and procedures
• Respond to emergency situations as they arise
• Ensure the facility, pits, grid and track remain clean and safe
• Perform specific facility cleaning and maintenance duties as assigned by the owners
• Perform opening and closing duties to secure the pit and track and prepare for the day’s operation
• Ensuring that track personnel run races safely, efficiently and professionally
• Ensuring that mechanic personnel maintain the karts in peak working condition
• Ensuring that all staff are strictly adhering to company policies and providing outstanding customer service
• Maintaining the highest standard of facility appearance
• Oversees the day- to-day operations within the policies and guidelines set forth by Lone Star Kartpark.
• Identify on a regular basis the opportunities and creates an action plan to increase the performance level to the required LSK standard
• Maintains the proper scheduling and staffing level to maximize the employee and guest experience.
• Over sees weekly inventories per company standards.
• Maintain a professional LSK image including the paddock, cleanliness, proper uniforms and appearance standards.
• Works with their team to promote a positive social media response.
• Works with their team to ensure that each employee understands the importance of treating guests the LSK-Way so the guests continue to return, providing an exceptional guest experience.
• Maintains great relationships with all vendors and notifies the Owners of any vendor issue
• Ensures their Team is providing a safe working and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.
• Ensures their Team is engaging in preventative maintenance, daily cleaning, and repairs.
• Practice the Lone Star Kartpark open door policy at all times.
• Ensures their Team is developing employees for promotional opportunities.


Job Knowledge – Able to learn new skills and maintain up-to-date job-related information. Applies technical and procedural know-how to get the job done; understands job duties and responsibilities.

Initiative – Takes initiative versus waiting for direction. Results and goal oriented. Desires to excel on the job. Demonstrates self-confidence and positive attitude.

Professionalism – Consistently treats individuals with dignity and respect, recognizing the importance of cultural differences. Has and maintains a positive sense of humor and uses humor and uses humor appropriately. Embraces, communicates, and demonstrates company values and ethics. Maintains reasonable expectations of self and others when balancing time and performance demands with personal and professional needs.

Planning and Organizing – Develops realistic plans, setting reasonable completing times. Effectively uses time and resources. Prioritizes duties in a manner consistent with organizational objectives and emergencies.

Team Work/Cooperation – Successfully works with others to achieve desired results. Helps prevent/resolve conflicts. Develops positive working relationship with all people. Promotes mutual respect. Being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured cooperative attitude to bring teams of people together. Is flexible/open minded.

Critical Thinking – Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Overcomes obstacles. Helps team solve problems.

Productivity – Takes on additional responsibilities as needed. Manages priorities. Develops and follows work procedures.

Active Learning – Understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision making. The ability to accept criticism and stay calm under pressure.


  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • High school diploma – Associates in Business or hospitality preferred.
  • Must have 2 years of previous management experience with a successful track record, preferably in restaurant, entertainment or hospitality.


30-40 hours per week


Employee discounts

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