As the temperatures drop and winter sets in, many outdoor activities may seem off-limits. But at Lone Star Kartpark, we’re here to prove that the fun doesn’t have to stop when the snow starts falling. Embrace the chill and join us for an unforgettable winter racing experience that will warm your heart and get your adrenaline pumping!

Winter Kart Racing: An Icy Adventure

There’s something truly magical about kart racing in the winter. The brisk air, the adrenaline rush, and the thrill of maneuvering your kart on our winding track—it all comes together to create a unique and exhilarating experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Choose Winter Kart Racing?

  1. Beat the Winter Blues: Winter can be long and dreary, but at Lone Star Kartpark, we’re all about adding excitement to the season. Kart racing is the perfect antidote to cabin fever, offering an adrenaline rush that will leave you feeling invigorated.
  2. Cool Weather, Hot Racing: Cooler temperatures mean your kart’s engine will perform at its peak, delivering maximum power and speed. It’s the ideal time to set your personal best lap times and challenge your friends and family to a friendly race.
  3. Winter Specials: Just like in the Fall, we’re offering special winter deals and promotions to make your racing experience even more enticing. Whether you’re racing solo, celebrating with a group, or organizing a corporate event, we have packages tailored to your needs.
Winter Wonderland Racing

Safety in Winter Racing

Kart racing in winter presents unique challenges, but safety remains our top priority. Our track is designed to provide optimal grip even in colder conditions, and our staff is well-prepared to ensure your safety. We’ll provide all the necessary gear to keep you warm and protected during your racing adventure.

Book Your Winter Racing Adventure

Ready to embrace the winter chill and enjoy some high-speed kart racing? Lone Star Kartpark is open throughout the winter season, weather permitting. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-time visitor, we invite you to experience the thrill of winter kart racing.

To book your winter racing adventure or inquire about our winter specials and packages, visit our website or give us a call today. Don’t let the winter blues get you down—come warm up your engines and your spirits at Lone Star Kartpark this winter season!