If you’re looking for your next team building activity and you’re ready to get out of the same old cycle of bowling or mini-golf, it’s time to spice up the friendly competition and get your employees out on the track! The race track, that is.

Go Karts have long provided a thrill and fun, while giving you a competitive stage for some team building exercises. When you bring your crew to Lone Star Kartpark in Fort Worth, you’ll get exceptional service combined with fun that will give your employees a great memory to take with them when the day is over.

Make A New Team Building Tradition

It’s no secret that the day to day monotony of working in an office or even just performing the same tasks over and over again can leave you and your workers feeling like you’re all in a slump together, rather than on a mission to make a difference or effect a great cause. Team building can happen in many different settings, but by providing your crew a new tradition to look forward to, you could find a yearly or quarterly activity your whole group will look forward to!

Lone Star Kartpark is proud to provide three packages that are perfect for any size group:

  • The Sprint
  • The Grand Prix
  • The Team Race

Choosing from our packages makes planning your next corporate outing a breeze! Whether you have a smaller sized group and you opt for the “Sprint” package, or a larger group and you want to challenge them to depend on each other to get around the track so you choose the “Team Race” your employees will have a blast and leave the track feeling like they’re all winners!

Build Relationships Among Co-workers

Not all of your employees will become friends, nor do they have to, but to have a team that functions well together, it’s important your employees can bond together. Having a plan for regular employee outings to get to know each other will greatly increase the probability that your employees actually do end up respecting each other, if not enjoying each other! What better way to do this than provide the means for some friendly competition? Go Karts are a safe, fun way for

Most people who walk into a new job don’t always know where or how they fit into the mix of veteran employees, especially if there seems to be a tight knit group. That’s why providing opportunities for your employees to bond and get to know each other outside of the office is such an important component of building a team that can work together cohesively in the office.

Come Race At Lone Star Kart Park

No matter what line of work you and your crew are in, there is always room for strengthening relationships across a team. Racing at Lone Star Kart Park in Fort Worth is a great way to build those team experiences while having fun at the same time. Call us at 940-240-2727 for more information and to get your group on the books today!